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Equitrac Print Management Software

Nuance Equitrac Print Management Software

The Intellegent way to Print

Nuance Equitrac Print Management Software reduce IT burden

Reduce IT Burden

  • In today's workplace, a simple print job can get complicated fast. When challenges strike, work stops and calls to the help desk multiply – both of which are costly.
  • Equitrac I-Queue solves the common printing challenges that lead to frustrated users and overtaxed IT staff.
  • One workflow for every printer.
  • Full control and measurement of all print activity.
  • All with or without print servers. It’s that easy.
Nuance Equitrac Print Management Software secure printing

Secure Printing

  • Secure Follow-You Printing allows you to print from anywhere, anytime and pick up documents when and where you want.
  • All while eliminating the risk of private information being left at a printer –
  • And reducing wasted paper, resources and time from unclaimed documents and inefficient print workflows.
  • Even if your organisation has a mix of MFPs and networked printers from a variety of manufacturers, Equitrac has you covered.
  • Print release options for every device: Embedded clients, PageControl Touch, Ethernet Card Reader, Web Release & Mobile Web Release.
Nuance Equitrac Print Management Software increase MFP value

Increase MFP Value

  • Equitrac integrates print and scan workflows on a single interface at the MFP.
  • Delivering advanced print, copy and scan functionality that enables you to select the most appropriate workflow for the job –
  • Print only what you need and scan when you can.
  • Combining these powerful capabilities saves valuable time and turns MFPs into the essential tool for eliminating non-essential paper in your organisation.
Nuance Equitrac Print Management Software small business

Small Business

  • Many small businesses rely heavily on printing and paper processes that drain resources, productivity and the bottom line.
  • With Equitrac, you can start printing smarter – sooner.
  • Our simplified installer geared towards small business enables rapid deployment of core software and functionality,
  • So you can spend less time managing your printers and more time focusing on your business.
  • The power of Equitrac helps your small business: Reduce printing costs, Increase staff productivity, Improve document security, Enhance workflow efficiency, Decrease carbon footprint.
Nuance Equitrac Print Management Software industry editions

Industry Editions

  • Depending on your industry, other issues often arise. That’s why Equitrac offers a range of product editions.
  • Business: Equitrac Office gives businesses the flexibility to let users print what they need, when they need it, while reducing the costs and complexities of deploying a print infrastructure.
  • Education: Equitrac Express gives IT administrators the flexibility to let students, faculty and staff print what they need, when they need it and wherever they’re located on campus.
  • Legal: Equitrac Professional helps law offices gain control over cost recovery and document expenses, providing them with comprehensive print management software and document capture capabilities that reduce costs, increase security and eliminate waste.

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