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Nuance® eCopy® ShareScan Suite

The Premier Scanning and OCR Solution to Automate Document and Forms-Processing Workflows- Right from the Office Copier.

Today, organizations need to do even more than just capture and convert paper into PDF. They need to lower costs even further, automate workflows, reduce the eco-footprint, and improve security and regulatory compliance. That's where eCopy ShareScan Suite shines: automating sophisticated paper-to-digital workflows and putting information from paper documents into systemsthat run the business.

Using an office copier, you can capture and process documents and the information contained in them securely with the simplicity of pressing a button.

In addition to scanning and converting into ultra-compressed PDF and Microsoft Office formats, eCopy ShareScan Suite provides sophisticated features to process more documents with less effort in less time:

  • Barcode recognitioneCopy ShareScan Suite
  • Bates stamping
  • Forms processing
  • Redaction/highlighting
  • Cost recovery
  • Indexing
  • Routing
Nuance® eCopy® ShareScan Suite

eCopy ShareScan Suite also integrates with numerous Nuance and partner connectors and extenders to expand and customize document processing capabilities.

Features & Benefits

The Best MFP Scanning and OCR Solution

The Best MFP Scanning and OCR Solution for Processing Forms and Documents - From froms processing and barcodebased routing to automatic highlighting and redacting, document ecryption, job batching, offline processing, and more, eCopy ShareScan Suite delivers production-caliber OCR wrapped in a superior user experience.

Process Forms Faster

Process Forms Faster - With zonal OCR, you can home-in on precise, pre-defined fields, extract data, and pass it to back-end applications.

Automatic Redaction and Highlighting

Automatic Redaction and Highlighting - Righ at the copier, you can automatically and quickly send, print, or archive reacted PDF documents to ensure information privacy and security - and compliance with HIPAA, FERPA, FCRA, GLB, and other data privacy frameworks. You can similarly highlight key word and phrases in PDFs.

Automatically Convert Hardcopy Originals

Automatically Convert Hardcopy Originals into Accurate, Formatted, Editable Softcopy - Scan, convert, and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and PDF files - including columns, graphics, and tables. You save time and money, with high accuracy and less reformatting.

Streamlined Archival with Flexible ECM Options

Streamlined Archival with Flexible ECM Options - eCopy ShareScan Suite provides complete integration to content management, network folders, SQL databases, and more. Connect with leading ECMs such as SharePoint, RightFax, EMC Documentum, iManage WorkSite, OpenText DM, or Open Text eDOCS.

Industry-Leading Mail and File System Integration

Industry-Leading Mail and File System Integration - ShareScan Suite integrates directly with Active Directory and your system user security credentials so you can require users to enter AD credentials to access the system and connected applications. It also can encrypt documents for greater securtiy over public networks.

Nuance eCopy ShareScan Testimonial

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