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Dematerialisation of Hard-Copy Documents for Paperless Process Management

OLITOUCH - A complete document digitisation system users can scale to suit their work procedures. Olitouch, the digital filing cabinet for your company's documents, to simplify and speed up operations without changing user routines. Documents can always be immediately retrieved and managed, without long and complicated searches through the archive.

The Olitouch Digitisation Solution consist of:

  1. An All-in-One Computer from the Olivetti Explora@ Series with a Touch-Screen Display.
  2. Olivetti Olitouch 2.0 specialised software for document digitisation and paperless management.
  3. Network services that keep the documents "ALIVE" and enable their use in company processes.

Olitouch is the ideal document system for offices and small businesses.

Olitouch comes with:

  • A specific touch-screen hardware appliance from the Olivetti Explora series, on which the application is installed, and which also funtions as a web server.
  • Olivetti Olitouch 2.0 software.
  • Basic cloud services provided by Olivetti (additional services may be purchased through a variety of channels).

To use the cloud sevices and receive updates, Olitouch has to be connected to the internet.

  • 20,000 pages of documents can be stored locally and unlimited number of documents can be stored in the cloud (with purchase of additional storage packages).
  • Unlimited number of configured users.
  • Maximum 3 simultaneous users on the hardware provided; with large numbers, performance may suffer.
  • Support for user profiling, to guarantee different document access policies.
  • All PCs on the LAN can terieve, manage, edit, mail or email stored documents.

The OliTouch includes:

  • An all-in-one computer from the OLIVETTI EXPLORE@ series, with a touch screen display.
  • The OLIVETTI OLITOUCH 2.0 software package for document dematerialisation and management.
  • Network services to generate you documents and insert them into company processes.
  • Electronic Storage
  • Workflow
  • Multichannel Distribution
  • Paper File Management
  • Cash Price available or also part of your Total solution when you go with lease option

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