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OCM Print Management Solutions

OCM, Simplifying Device Management for Samsung/Print Management Solution giving you Control over who is printing What, when and where.

  • Central Management

    OCM XCM embedded device managment solution with web based central management really helps Samsungs customers to realise the full cost managment potential seamlessly integrated within the versatile Samsung development platform.

    Whether you are a corporate body, professional service (legal/CA) or tertiary customer, the OCM XCM Web console can easily be configured to meet your specific billing and cost recovery requirements.

    The OCM XCM managment solution transforms your Samsung XOA multi-function device into the hub of an adaptive infrastructure for accurate cost management, secure print with mobile secure print release and broad-based fleet management throughout an entire organisation.

  • User Authentication

    OCM XCM is compatible across a wide range of authentication options all of which OCM XCM can integrate with your existing user ID security identification procedures, this can include:

    • PIN entry
    • Magnetic Card
    • Proximity Card
    • SMART card
    • Bio Metric

    Once the user has been identified by OCM XCM, they can start copying, faxing or scanning or select one of their private print jobs from their personal secure print queue. All jobs can then be accounted to the correct user, department or cost code.

  • Permissions

    OCM XCM Embedded Solutions offers the administrator the capacity to manage and restrict/permit individual user / device functionality based on corporate and/or deparmental policies.

    • Restrict MFD Access
    • Restrict Colour Usage
    • Usage Allowance
    • Restrict External Memory Scan/Print
  • Follow Me Secure Print

    OCM XCM Follow Me Secure Print or can be commonly known as 'Pull Printing", allows end users to have the benefit of printing to a shared network attached print device but knowing that their documents are completely secure until they release them to a networked printer or multi-function device of their choice.

    OCM XCM as standard includes OCM's 'Enterprise Manager Print Release Software' which offers users the huge benefit of sending their print job to their own dedicated secure print queue. Logging on at an Samsung XOA ready networked device presents user(s) with all print job(s) to be printed the MFD will then release the documents. Should user(s) encounter default device to be "busy/off-line", you can simply walk directly to another XOA ready networked device to automatically "release" secure jobs.

    Benefits of OCM XCM Secure Print:

    • Access confidential jobs from any Samsung XOA ready device, even in a different building, city or country
    • Select and print documents from a public or private archive
    • Huge reduction in print waste
    • All documents are audited and tracked
    • Print and delete selected jobs
    • Achieve compliance (e.g security audits against standars such as IS27002 / PCI DSS
  • Cost Recovery

    By having access to OCM XCM's flagship document auditing suite, you will immediately have full cost recovery including the ability to bill back all document workflow; printing, copying and scanning which can help your organisation to operate more efficiently, maximise device utilisation while providing additioanl management control such a follow me secure print.

  • Client Matter Billing

    Through increased centralised device managment; which offers printing, copying, faxing and scanning, a high proportion of documents distributed within the 'Legal Sector' are not accurately managed or in turn accurately billed back to [clients].

    OCM XCM introduces simplified cost management efficiencies with the ability to bill back all scan, print, photocopy and fax workflows by a specific client, division or cost centre.

    The user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) ensures all jobs are automatically prompted for the operator to key in a specific cost centre number; choose from a divisional code or even a project code.

    OCM XCM Cost Recovery Options:

    • Client and Client Matter Billing
    • Cost Centre and Project Code Billing
    • Student Billing
    • Bill-Back by Department and Work Group
    • Bill-Back by Customers Name and Project
    • CRM / AP Connectores
    • OCM XCM Fleet Management
  • Device Management

    OCM XCM Click Tracker Software allows you to manage an end-to-end view of your IT infrastructure and intergrated approach to resource allocation, monitoring and provisioning as well as problem prevention and resolution.

    OCM XCM Click Tracker enables the automation of repetitive IT tasks and processes, and deliver optimized resources in real-time to address changing business demands and to meet service level agreements.

    • Improve asset-related decision making
    • Increase asset service delivery resposiveness and revenue 
    • Facilitate regulatory compliance efforts
    • Lower total cost of ownership
    • Improve return on assets
    • Decrease costs and risk
    • Increase productivity
  • Advanced Reporting Features

    OCM XCM'S Web Report Management Console includes a comprehensive web based reporting instrument which presents your business with clear visibility of its document production and workflow costs.

    At a touch of a utton you can generate detailed reports; auditing / measuring user, device, server, client activity. These reports are all instananeous, where the report is based upon the most recently generated user activities captured by the OCM XCM XOA device auditor.

    The captured data can be exported in several difference formats including MS Word, MS Excel, HTML and PDF.

    Audited Data ClientBilling screen:

    • Date & Time
    • Mono / Colour Breakdown
    • Total Number of Pages
    • Auditing Group
    • Auditing Code
    • User Name
    • Current Balance
    • Minimum Balance
    • Billing Code
    • User Name
    • Current Balance
    • Minimum Balance
    • Billing Code
    • Print Device
    • Job Time
    • Job Date
    • Job Name
    • Print Server
    • Cost Per Page Mono / Colour
    • Number of Pages
    • User ID
    • Total Cost

Advanced Reporting Features: Audited Data

OCM Print Management Solutions

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